Zazenkai June 15 2014 (9-7 am)

Zazenkai (uniting for meditation) provides one with the the opportunity for intensifying and deepening one’s practice through the experience of longer periods of uninterrupted zazen. Throughout zazenkai we use the exact techniques that are followed during sesshin (zen retreat). On these days and evenings of zazenkai, we practice zazen (seated meditation), chanting (kido), walking meditation (kin-hin), silence, jihatsu (formal eating), dokusan (private meeting w/teacher) and  Teisho or Dharma Talk (sermon)  by Joriki Baker, Osho.

2014-02-04 001 050Students may attend partial gatherings; however please view the schedule page for details on allowed entrance/exit times during the service.  Overnight zazenkai starts at 7pm the evening of the first day, and then ends at 7:30pm the next day.  All inclusive, housing and all meals included.

                 For more information please call 484-268-0724

          A $25.00 donation is standard for zazenkai