Summer Opening Sesshin September 5-7 2014

*Opening 3 day Sesshin at Blue Mountain Zendo
September 5-7  2014

“Sesshin”, literally “to collect the mind”, is the Zen Buddhist seclusion or intensive period, consisting of 3-14 days of silent meditative practice. Included in these periods are daily Zazen, Dharma talks/Teisho (sermons), Samu (work) periods, and private interview/meeting (Dokusan) twice daily with Rev. Joriki Baker, Osho. During Sesshin, the Zen Student concentrates on nothing but collecting the scattered energies of mind, so they may realize their rightful unified place within the universe, as the universe. This unified experience, many times, feels hidden from us in our daily lives, and as a result, we seek outwardly for that which we think we do not have. Insights into our true nature occur many times when we least expect them; walking in silence, sharing moments in life with family and friends, the death of a loved one, engaging art or music, or simply being still and doing nothing. These seemingly random experiences stir within us something systemic to our very being, something which envelopes us without a trace. This nature, our true nature, is the universe itself. This interconnection is always present, however, we are blinded by the ego habitually, and most of the time we just do not see/feel it. When we do experience the bursts of awakened unity, these quick flashes and sparks stoke the flames of our inner light, deep within our core we burn brighter and brighter, although sadly, for many these flames are left unattended and soon grow cold once again. For those few men and women who nurture and tend to the coals burning deep within, their potential is infinitely deep. For centuries, philosophy and theology have tried to explain this process, and their attempts at definition are intrinsically shallow and hollow at best. The awakened mind is beyond word and letter and requires not heroic means but, a simple and honest approach towards living life fully, and embracing the transition of death when it comes time to shed this form.This honest and open readiness is the catalyst from which the restorative process begins, and our rightful place as true men and women of no rank is realized and embodied. Sesshin is a time to dedicate ourselves to the exploration of this great matter, and a time to heal the scars which have long limited our true freedom and happiness in this life and beyond. We hope you will come and explore with us, as we support each other in our happiness, doubt, in this most noblest of endeavors.