Bodhidharma’s Definition Of Zen Practice

“A special transmission outside the scriptures; Not depending upon words and letters; Directly pointing at the mind-heart of man; Seeing into one’s nature and attaining Buddhahood.”

Zen Practice is the skin, bone and marrow of the Buddha’s teaching. It cuts through the vines and briars that have long entangled us. Zen is minutely subtle, yet shakes the heavens and earth with the slightest turn. It is experienced by every hair and pore of the body.

As Bodhidharma pointed out, Zen is not based on intellectual pursuits, and is unattainable to those who have eyes yet can not see. However, some will push forward with tenacity and perseverance, and these students will realize the wondrous joy of the Dharma. Others will try to pacify their suffering via external means, what a pity. These people will continue to wonder in the darkness of ignorance. Zen Practice is for those who must know the truth, and are willing to push through the many obstacles that are the catalysts to awakening. Those who awaken, are charged with carrying the lamp of liberation for others who suffer. Zen is that lamp of liberation! Zen is the ancient catalyst, which has been handed down from teacher to student, for 2,600 years.