Gassho, Blue Mountain Zendo has just celebrated its twenty fifth year. In return, I would like to thank all the Dharma Brothers and Sisters, known and unknown, who supported the zendo over these precious years. All this effort has brought Blue Mountain this far, and it will take the continued support of its members to keep it healthy and strong. Blue Mountain Zendo has remained the only Buddhist Temple within the Lehigh Valley and will continue to offer a nurturing space for all those who seek the Dharma.


Dana is a very common Pali word in Buddhism. Though the word “Dana” is known to most Buddhists, it is very hard to understand it in the actual sense ofthe term and to perform it accordingly. Dana simply means “giving” or performing acts of charity with a good will or pure volition. It may also be manifested in the form of service, teaching or financial efforts. It is not an ordinary gift or present or give-and-take as prevailing among most people. It is a meritorious act of detaching from one’s property or material with true faith and intent. This action or (Karma) results in fruits or (Kammavipaka) that send ripples through time itself. The donor at the same time acquires tangible merit such as wholesomeness, humility, and inner peace. Truly enough, Dana is indeed a principle that flows forth via the noble actions of Bodhisattvas and is an important part of Buddhism itself. Please help us keep Zen Buddhism alive and well in the Pennsylvania. Even if you are unable to attend the temple, your support will ensure the temple’s ongoing support of the community and those in need. Our monthly expenses such as: lease, mortgage, tea, incense, cushions, incense, alter supplies, landscaping and outreach are supported by people just like you.

Hands In Gassho,

 Rev. Joriki Baker, Osho

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