Zen Services
students may attend the full service or partial. Doors open at specific times only – be early! Please look at the schedule below, and enter quietly and with great care so not to distract the other students. You may choose the type and length of your activities depending on your abilities and needs; however, please see the below schedule for allowed entrance and exit times.

2:50 – 3:45 pm Chanting/Zazen/Sutra Study
3:50 – 4:30 pm Zazen (seated meditation)
4:30 pm – 5:15 Teisho or Dokusan
5:30pm Close
5:30-6:00pm Fellowship Tea/Sweets

(Odd weeks)


*1st Sunday – Sutra Study/Zazen

2nd Sunday – Chanting/Teisho (Dharma Talk)

3rd Sunday –  Zazen/Dokusan (Koan Interview)

4th Sunday – Sangha Unity (Team

Friday Evening Meditation


For those students interested in stress reduction, relaxation,  and guided meditation at Blue Mountain  Friday is an evening just for you. The sessions are gentle, non-religious and a great way to maintain a healthy balance of body and mind.

Private Instruction w/ Buddhist Monk

For those seeking private Zen Instruction or spiritual dialog (mondo), Rev. Ryuun Joriki Baker, Osho offers private sessions on Wednesday afternoon and evenings. Private sessions are 80 minutes long and include 30 minutes of Zen dialectic therapy, followed by 20 minutes of meditation instructions. This balance of Zen Dialog and meditation creates a spiritual platform which addresses the core internal factors that either manifest a consciousness of suffering and separation, or peace and unity.

Please call to schedule.