Private Teachings

Gassho, Ryuun Joriki Baker, Osho offers private Zen Buddhist Instruction on Wednesdays and Thursdays via zoom or in person at the temple Tuesday afternoons. These private sessions are 1 hour and are designed for those who are interested in the attention and intimacy that only a “one on one” teaching environment can offer. These sessions include opening tea, Zen Dialectic Techniques (Hybrid of Koan Work and Counseling), meditation instruction, meditation, Zen Form, koan work/interview, and integrative techniques.

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So much talk about abiding or finding the present moment. Take a breath, you can not escape the present moment. There is no need to “find” it. You don’t fall in and out of it, you are it. So no matter where you are, no matter how you feel or think, you are awake and manifest in full.


The zendo is a combustion chamber, it burns away that which has no true substance, and reveals the substance of truth which remains.

Speaking with one voice

In order to truly speak with “one” voice, we must investigate the shards of the fragmented mind. We are host to a array of internal voices (limitless, primal, child, master, student, ect), and each perceives the world a bit differently. These voices are manifestations of the self, and some manifestations are caught within the scarring of ignorance, delusion and trauma. For spiritual maturity to be realized, these voices must be given permission to speak openly and honestly without the external censorship of others, or the internal supression by other voices. Part of this process is achived by the internal and external dialog between the various voices. Zen Practice offers a wonderful and safe container for us to investigate this work. Many koans invite this type of therapeutic play and ask us to “talk amongst ourselves” or to “strengthen and clarify” a particular voice. When the shards (voices) of mind are balanced, and fluid consciousness is realized. The flawless mirror reflects from upon the cool waters and with a single word the heavans fall from the sky.