Harvest Sesshin October 18-23 16

“Sesshin”, literally “to collect the mind”, is the Zen Buddhist seclusion or intensive period, consisting of five days of silent meditative practice. Included in these periods are daily Zazen, Dharma Talks/Teisho (sermons), Samu (work) periods, and private interview/meeting (Dokusan) twice daily with Ryuun Joriki Baker, Osho. During Sesshin, the Zen Student concentrates on nothing but collecting the scattered energies of the mind, so they may realize their place within the universe, as the universe. Much of the times, this “place” feels hidden from us in our daily lives, and as a result, we seek outwardly for that we perceive we are lacking. Deep insight into our core nature occurs when we least expect it. 20150815_201133These seemingly random experiences stir within us something systemic to our very being. Something which consumes us without a trace. This nature, our nature, is the root of the universe itself. This nature is always present, however, we are blinded by the habitual ego projection, and we just miss it! When we do experience these subtle insights, these quick flashes of light and sparks, they stoke the flames of our core, and we burn brighter and brighter. Although sadly, for most, these flames grow cold once again; they are left unattended and un-nurtured. However, for those few men and women who tend to this burning ember, it grows stronger and stronger until a flame rises up and illuminates the darkness of ignorance. For centuries, philosophy and theology have tried to explain this process, their attempts intrinsically shallow and hollow at best. The awakened mind is beyond word and letter. The path is straightforward, and honest in approach. It reveals itself fully in each unfolding moment. This honest and straightforward readiness to let go of our preconceived ideas and attachments, is the catalyst from which the restorative process begins. Sesshin is a time to dedicate ourselves to the exploration of this great matter, and a time to heal the scars which have long limited our true freedom and happiness. We hope you will come and explore with us, this most noblest of endeavors.

Partial attendance accepted.

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