Please support Blue Mountain Zendo’s Fall Fundraiser.

Blue Mountain Zendo 2018 Fall Fundraiser

Blue Mountain Zendo has operated within Eastern Pennsylvania for twenty years, offering authentic Rinzai Zen Practice. Community outreach programs such as; public lectures, interfaith meetings, chaplaincy, crises placement, meditation workshops and animal/enviromental advocacy have been the focus of the temple since its inception. Blue Mountain Zendo is maintained by its abbot Joriki Baker, Osho and a small order of laywomen/men who call the zendo their spiritual home. Blue Mountain Zendo is a registered non-profit and is supported soley by outside contributions. The temple has never required fees or dues. It operates in the tradition of Dana (charity), and once a year the sangha (congregation) reaches out to the greater spiritual community to gather donations which will carry the zendo through the cold winter months. The temple is heated primarily via woodstoves, with baseboard supplimental heat. Our woodstoves and chimneys are in need of fall maintenance, and our yearly heating expenses run around $3,000. With deep gratitude and a reverential heart, we are reaching out to our brothers and sisters in the greater spiritual community, and asking for support so that we may continue to offer a refuge for all those who seek truth and spiritual awakening. It is Blue Mountain’s Zendo’s vision to lend aid to anyone who seeks a safe harbor from pain and suffering whether that means holding meditation services for men and women or offering a warm and safe place for abandoned or injured animals. It is our beleif that all life is precious and it is our responsiblity to both respect and nurture it.