The word “Dharma” has no single equivalent in the western dialect. Its meanings also differs between traditions. The original meaning was “to hold”, specifically to hold the laws of the gods. Later, the word would include everything from Sila (rules of right living), the eternal, essential nature, law, truth, reality and thusness, to name a few. Moving through various consciousnesses we radiate our understanding of Dharma in many different ways. Once again falling into the caveats of the human experience. How wonderous the Dharma is! It is that which manifests the fundamental nature of the universe itself. In Buddhism we tend to use it interchangeably with “universal law” or “truth” which is close enough, however, the word by nature is much more dynamic and vibrant. Dharmas are also considered teachings which point to various ideas, truths or experiences, such as the teachings of the historical Buddha Gotama ect. Yet the Buddha clarifies in the Diamond Sutra, “There are no teachings to expound”. Meaning, there is “no thing” to teach, nor can the Dharma be given to anyone. Zen’s Dharma Transmission is the recognition of this principle, and in truth empty. The word “Dharma” is merely a marker for that which is eternal, that which is intrinsically empty, and that which is none other than the universe itself. So there are many layers within this word. The “Dharmas are endless…”, and move with us, as us, as we fall into phenomena, revealing ourselves as we drop away further and further. So the more we let go of dharma, the more we radiate IT!