The goverment now takes even the most basic need, food, away from the poor.

I am just beside myself with this one, okay, let me be honest, angry. Fudo sits over my shoulder spurring me on. Instead of working towards bridging the gap between the wealthy and the poor, the house has voted to expand it. I will not say “the republicans” are to blame, even though they control the house, as I think both parties are equality at fault. Not only do i perceive both parties at fault but, the American people, the author included. Both parties continue to ignore the voices of the poor. Yes, there has been positive change in the past few years with human rights, especially for GLBT men and women; however, we continually and historically forget the poor! Anyone who has even done their homework or taken an Inro to Social Services class knows the old claims about the poor choosing to manipulate the system in some vie to live some sort of life of leisure on the working person’s dime is absolute rubbish. Yes, it is true it it sometimes does happen, however, who would choose to live on food stamps and a $300 a month welfare check for a family of four. A lot of middle class families themselves are now struggling to cover their basic needs, while the fat cats tip the scales even further. The shelters are full of stories from people who lost their jobs and ended up loosing everything, there are countless people three paychecks away from homelessness. Now, imagine how a poor family of four who must make less than $18,016 a year to qualify for food stamps. The 2008 census showed the middle class range to be $37,000-$75,000, and the average to be around $50,033. The department of commerce states middle class to be between $50,000-$122,000. It is beyond me to understand how the government, and its people, think it is a good idea to further abandon those who need help the most. We are not talking about paying for a vacation to Mexico here, we are talking about putting food into the mouths of children and their caregivers. Is it their fault, are they just lazy? Do they just need to be cut off, and like birds, they we disappear and find subsistence somewhere else? This seems to be the main stream belief, as I do not see the same attention on this issue that I see on others. Lets not turn a blind eye and let these people fall through the cracks. It is time to give these men, women and children a voice, and with that voice, value and equality. We all seek happiness and peace, and the sooner we realize that our happiness is interconnected with others, the sooner it will be truly realized!