Settle in

Zen Practice is one of those lifetime endeavors, it is not something we ever truly perfect. There are no “Zen Masters”, only students of the way. With this being said, it only makes sense that those senior Dharma bothers and sister help guide those with less experience. As with any endeavor, the longer and more diligent we practice, the more proficient we become at it. It takes a few years for a new student to begin to embody and experience the practice with any maturity. There is a lot of emptying and healing that must take place before we begin to see clearly. So for those students who have done a few zazenkai or sesshin and think they understand the practice…you don’t. Keep that “don’t know” mind and march onward. If you stay the course and apply yourself, the reward confirms your conviction. There are no shortcuts, and there are no formulations to learn and deploy. A few sits are a good start but, will not do. Relinquish your projections and settle into the form, and in the readiness of time, your roots will strike deep and the cool waters will nourish you. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?