New Sitting Day and Time Wednesdays 6-7:30am (Starting Dec. 4)

On December 4 2013, Blue Mountain Zendo will be adding a weekly Wednesday morning sit from 6-7:30am. Out of all the great sitting times, dawn is the most moving for me. What a great way to begin your day, still and wide awake!

For years, I have heard the same question being asked, “How do you practice at work.”  I respond with something along the lines of “Just work”. My answer is usually met with a look of confusion and disbelief. Sometimes they think I am joking. How could this be so? I know, too simple. There must be more, and where is the dog and pony show? There must be some theory, ritual, or some additive to make work “spiritual”. How could something as simple as sitting in silence, transform a day of pressure and PowerPoint, into peace and possibility? It all starts with you! Everything you need you have, actually, you have much more than you need, and zazen is the distillation process which helps you filter out much of that draining sludge. What is left is the fertile soil of a still and present mind which functions much more efficiently and effectively than a mind full of silt. On a very basic level, we may find that we tend to be calmer and more productive at work, and on another level, we may realize that there is no intrinsic difference between what we designate as spiritual and not spiritual. Could it be that simple? Are we the gatekeepers of the barrier which prohibits us from seeing the perfection in our every step? Could it be that no matter what we experience it is merely a different flavor of the same essence? Yes, there are myriads of flavors, and every moment is different from the last. Some flavors are strong, some are subtle, some we like, and some we don’t, nevertheless, it IS the same wondrous nature. The most powerful teaching I ever received was “Just keep sitting”, pretty simple, I took it to heart. After twenty years, I still view that “just keep sitting” as inexhaustible. Every moment is an inexhaustible opportunity to practice, and I hope together we can sit and enjoy the dawn of the breaking day.