March on

Life by nature is a challenge, and many times we are on a learning curve. Sometimes that curve is exhilarating, and sometimes it is confusing and heavy. We do our best. With patience and strength we work through the waves of karma as they crash upon us. Zen Practice allows us a strong footing, so we are not constantly knocked over by the ebb and flow of the universe. It is said in zen to just “march on”. No matter if the sun is upon our check, or the cold winds bare down on us, we just keep moving forward. We watch not to become caught, or stuck in deep currents of phenomena; even if they are comforting and pleasurable. The Zen Student is always traveling, and her supplies are not that of heavy preference and nostalgia. The Zen Students pack has only the robe of liberation to drape over the universe, and a small bowl to collect the subtle offerings of the falling sakura. So I invite to put down the load, carry only what you need, and “March on” through this journey we call life.