Samu Weekend (Beginners Welcomed)

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June 15, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – June 17, 2018 @ 10:00 am
Blue Mountain Zendo
44 Deere Ln
Andreas, PA 18211
Joriki Baker

Samu Weekend is an opportunity to experience Zen Training in an engaged environment. Most understand Zen Practice to be a purely motionless and austere practice, however, Zen is alive and moves with the turning of the wheel of Dharma. Zazen (meditation) is our anchor which keeps us grounded as we move and sway with the movements of our fluid lives. Learning to move, while remaining still, is a wonderous consciousness that opens us to the vastness of our true nature. During “Samu Weekend”, we are grounded through true fellowship, the sangha (congregation) engages in activities that open the heart and mind and deepen our interconnection with the world around us. These activities include: planting flowers, vegetable gardening, landscaping, and temple cleaning. There will also be zazen (meditation), teisho (sermons), formal meals, chanting and sutra study. Unlike Sesshin (meditation intensive), Samu Weekend is not as formal and although we encourage silence, there are opportunities during the day to ask questions and engage in conversations based upon the Sutra we are exploring. Samu Weekend is also great for those who are interested in Zen, although, have yet to explore formal practice. We ask for a $75 donation or $50 in flowers, trees or bushes. If you bring greens, you will be planting them, so please plant something that you can grow with. Blue Mountain Zendo looks forward to your visit and aspires to allow people from all backgrounds to attend retreats. If there is perceived barrier for attendance, please feel free to call and we will attempt to work together to accommodate any special needs which need to be addressed.