Clean-Up Impressions

Over 60 people showed up to clean-up the Uplands located in the Lehigh Mountain Park. There were no Christians, Jews, Muslims or Buddhists, there were just people coming together to care for their world. Not once did I hear religion mentioned during the clean-up itself. All I saw were people engaged in a noble activity. This land was not owned by any individual but, everyone cared as if it was their personal property, how wonderful! If only we could get more people to view the world around them in this way, or even to view the world as an interconnected part of them, things could take a wondrous direction. I watched grown men playing with salamanders and snakes, although I had to point out the one was a poisonous copperhead, and a serenity overcame us all as through a long lost part of us awoke and we began to view the world through the eyes of a child again. I think we become lost and separated from nature, and in a way, I think we are lonely and sad. There is a spirit which permeates the earth and when we separate ourselves from her we become lost and homesick. Many times, we loose sight that we are “nature” itself and have become like a flower trying to grow within the dark of a cave. We seek the completion that only connecting with the world around us (other) can offer.

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