Rohatsu Sesshin January 17-22 2014

Genjo-MarinelloGenjo Marinello  Oshō began his Zen training in 1975 and was ordained as a novice monk, in   1980. From 1981-1982 he trained at Ryutaku-ji in Japan with Sochu Rōshi and Soen   Nakagawa Rōshi. Marinello later continued his training with Eido Shimano   Rōshi, abbot of Dai Bosatsu Monastery. On May 21, 2008, Marinello received   dharma transmission from Eido Shimano Rōshi, in a ceremony also involving his   former teacher Takabayashi. Marinello is a  licensed psychotherapist, a member of the interfaith organization Spiritual   Directors International, and of the American Zen Teachers Association.

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